Official SATS to BTC page.

‘Looking for Satoshi’
by Rutger van der Tas

In this ever-changing crypto landscape, where rapid development occurs on a daily basis, it’s important to seize the moment when it presents itself. In this case I talk about the opportunity to create inscriptions on Bitcoin. Which is an epic change in it self.

This space provides a world of excitement and opportunity for those who dare to experiment and try out new things. It’s the playground, the sandbox for trial and error, and the space for artists to unleash their passion for creating new work and their drive to discover new horizons.

Looking at the Ordinal-Movement, I noticed connections with my ongoing project at, in combination with my Async blueprint, where people can still mint new #SATS as 1/1 on ETH. I want my to give my collectors the change to get their own edition also as an inscription tied to a Satoshi on Bitcoin.
Bringing the story back to it’s origin.

For more info about how to get one you can DM me, or jump in my discord.

A collector who has both editions has the choice to either keep them or burn the ETH edition.

Finally, when all #SATS are minted, not all holders may have an inscription to accompany the original Async mint because I will only provide this service until April 30th 2023.





SATS#20 on ETH

SATS#20 on BTC

SATS#80 on ETH

SATS#80 on BTC

SATS#81 on ETH

SATS#81 on BTC

SATS#82 on ETH

SATS#82 on BTC